Whether you’re travelling the world, going to office or even stepping out of your house. Sense 1 protects your home. Protect your everything from anywhere including your privacy.

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Quality/Clarity/Pic resolution - SUPERIOR.
After purchase support - Excellent.


Loved the amazing AI image recognition capabilities.

Shadab Shaik

The picture quality is excellent and in terms of performance it is a very good camera.

1 year Warranty on Hardware + 1 year free Sense Nova Subscription worth ₹2988.

A Sense-ible Camera

In-built Face Recognition

Sense 1 knows your family, visitors and neighbours. Get to know whether a known/unknown-person has entered your home.

Indoors or Outdoors

Rain or Shine always have peace of mind. Sense 1 is water and dust proof.

Two-Way Audio + High Quality Video

Talk or (yell) to your visitors, family and pets easily with a built in microphone and speaker. With live streaming and motion-trigger, always be able to check in on your home no matter where you are.

Truly Wireless

No wires. No hubs. It's the ultimate battery go-anywhere, see-everything home security camera. No more worrying about power cuts or installation just switch on and secure.

Smart Features

India’s first feature loaded smart home camera.

Rechargeable Battery

Go Wireless with a 5200mAh battery for ease of use.


Get FHD playback up to 1080p with out 3MP camera.

Auto Night

Keep an eye on surroundings even in low light with IR Night Vision.

Indoors & Outdoors

Rain, Snow, or Sun. Sense 1 will continue to protect in all weather conditions.

Smart Notifications

Get custom notifications at your fingertips on the beAvair app.

2 - way Audio

Talk to your door from anywhere using the built-in mic and speaker

Delivers Visual Brilliance

Experience true Full High Definition video quality. Day or Night, ever detail matters. Sense 1 utilizes a high dynamic range for balanced image with brighter colors.

Home Security on your Finger Tips

Two -Way Audio

Stay always connected from anywhere. The two-way audio lets you talk and listen through the camera. It's security and convenience rolled into a bundle.

Auto Night Vision

The Indoor + Outdoor Camera comes with Auto-Night vision and uses available light to illuminate the environment. That means you’ll be able to see clear as day, even at night.

Motion + Face Detection

With an active infrared sensor never miss a alert. The PIR comes with sensitivity control to work according to environment that provides precise detection.

Outdoor & Indoor Wireless

You no more have to worry about hefty wiring and expensive hard drives, Sense 1 is the first ever camera that is truly wireless. No cables, no worries. Place the camera anywhere, rain or shine you've got your peace of mind

WhatsApp Alerts

We know it's rare that you'd want to see footage when nothing happened. You want to make your home camera a part of your daily life. Get notified on all motion triggers or any event on your favourite messaging app.

Emergency SOS

We know everyone is busy. Some calls get message replies and some calls go unanswered. Emergency SOS gives you a special number that is activated only in an emergency. Which can call up to 10 people all at once so you could help faster.

Upgrade to BeAvair: The Best User Experience

Take control of your Security!

Our interactive app let's you monitor on your fingertips with easy features a few taps away!

Confident Notifications

Sense 1 delivers prompt notifications and helps you monitor your home.

Recognise with clarity

With Full HD live view and night vision, you can get a clear picture of who is there.

Revisit Events

Sense 1 let's you playback video events detected for upto 7 days with Sense Aurora*

PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor)

PIR works towards monitoring and alerting instantly about any movements detected.

Stays with a pop

Installing Sense 1 is easy.Truly wireless installation gives the camera wire(free)dom

Vehicle Detection

Random people parking in-front of your door, capture whenever there is a no parking.

Still Evaluating Your Alternatives?

Sense 1 includes a complimentary one-year AI subscription that outperforms the competition.

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How smart is the Sense 1 camera?

The Sense 1 is an AI-powered security camera that enables safety and convenience. You can easily detect intrusion, package thefts, and a lot more.

How different is Sense 1  from other cameras?

The Sense 1 is a wireless and AI fueled camera which works indoors & outdoors in all weather conditions.

How can I use Sense 1?

You can use the Sense 1 to keep an eye on your parents, kids and pets. Not only this but it can also be used to track deliveries and house-help.

Where can I buy Sense 1?

Order now on Amazon.